Flexible outlet piece Type HDD / JMT Stainless Steel

An HDD / JMT Flexible Part is double-walled and has a streamlined Interlock inner wall. Outside is covered with a mesh net. Also view our other flexible parts, with braided exterior. Suitable for high exhaust gas temperatures, these parts are more flexible than the other types. Made from 304 stainless steel. Often used in our own JMT workplace.
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Flexibele uitlaatstuk RVS Type HDD/ JMT

Flexible outlet piece Stainless Steel Type HDD / JMT

Flexible exhaust pipe made of 304 stainless steel is used when repairing and building an exhaust. The flexible exhaust pipe ensures that the shocks, vibrations and torsion of the engine are absorbed. As a result, the Manifold (and other parts of the exhaust) will tear less quickly and the exhaust will last longer. Type HDD / JMT: streamlined Interlock inner wall. Suitable for intensive use.
Diameter internal: Length:
45 mm 200 mm
50 mm 200 mm
55 mm 100 mm
57 mm 150 mm
60 mm 180 mm
65 mm 220 mm
70 mm 150 mm